Introducing Womenswear at Owl - Part I

We're delving into womenswear with a few capsule pieces this season from Samsoe Samsoe. Our full womens collection will land in September, with drops from several brands from all over the world.


However so much of our offering can work just as well - if not, even better - on a woman. 


Traditional masculine silhouettes, oversized fits and technical fabrics should not be reserved solely for men.


In this shoot Metruth and Maddy are wearing both our mens and womens styles together to show just how cohesive the two can be.



1. Nylon Bucket Hat by Wood Wood

2. Reversible Quilted Cardigan by Frizmworks

3. Haley Shirt by Samsoe Samsoe

4. Nylon Fatigue Easy Pants by Frizmworks

1. Relaxed Hooded Coat by Uniform Bridge

2. Double Layered Hoodie by Frizmworks

1. Luan Shirt by Samsoe Samsoe

2. Nylon Cardigan by Uniform Bridge

3. Comfort Denim Pants by Uniform Bridge

1. Blake Vest by Samsoe Samsoe

2. Haley Shirt by Samsoe Samsoe

3. Bafu Cloth Pants by Snow Peak

4. Womens Light Revival Boot by Danner


Photogtaphy: Keith Kasalempo

Models: Metruth Kasalempo and Maddy Faulkner

Styling: Steve Mulhaire and Maddy Faulkner